Welcome to Bekaplast s.a.l.

About Us


Established in 1978, as the manufacturing arm of ZELLA INTERNATIONAL ( A trading company established in 1968 ), BEKAPLAST CO. has been the pioneer and constant innovator in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern Markets in Food Service packing through its:

1-Manufacturing Plant 2-Import and Export Department 3-Distribution Center / Warehousing System 4-Sales and Marketing Departments

1- Manufacturing Plant

Located in Mansouriet-El-Metn, in Beirut, Lebanon, it uses the best quality raw materials, and the latest production technologies to provide the market with the finest and consistently highest quality disposable plastic products such as:

  • Cutlery ( Spoons, Knives, Forks )
  • Portion Cups and Containers
  • Microwaveable Containers
  • Packaging Products
  • Other Food Services Related Products
  • Portion Packaging

2-Import / Export Department

To compliment and complete our current production line, we import the best quality items from around the world . The Export arm serves to fulfill the requests of customers within the region and Europe.

3-Distribution Center

Our computerized warehouse distribution system ensures:

  • On time and accurate delivery.
  • Availability of the products at all times

4-Sales and Marketing Department

More people than ever are dining out or ordering food to go - Food away from home -with this ever changing customer tastes and meal buying habits, BEKAPLAST CO. is making it's priority to stay on top of trends, to help customers not only to compete successfully, but to win by:

  • Boosting Sales
  • Building Profit




  • Cutlery, all sizes and shapes
  • Containers (with or without lids )
  • Clear Deli containers with snap on lids
  • Clear light weight cups
  • Microwaveable containers
  • Heat sealable trays
  • Dessert packaging containers



  • High quality cling film, all sizes and thicknesses



  • Foam Cups
  • Foam Plates, all sizes
  • Foam Hamburger Boxes, all sizes
  • Foam Pizza Boxes, Lunch Boxes, Menu Trays
  • Foam Display Trays



  • Pre-packed serving sets that include any combination of forks, knives, spoons, salt, sugar ( portion packed ) , napkins ( printed or not ).
  • To give our customers and edge over their competitors, our marketing department works closely with them to customize their packaging products. For example : Their logo and other information is printed on their pizza and hamburger boxes or napkins etc


Our Products Are Currently Used In :

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Pizzerias
  • Cafeterias
  • Supermarkets
  • Deli-s
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/ Universities
  • Sports Arenas
  • Bakeries
  • The Army